"You know a dog is well-liked when you see it in a crown," said Roger.

"That thing?" said Brian. "That paper hat won't live through the next rain."

"No collar, no identification," said Roger. "What should we call him?"

"I have no idea," said Brian. "What's your name, forsaken dog?"

"It is Spot," said the dog.

"How did you do that?" said the Roger.

"That wasn't you?" said the Brian.

"I am the King of the World," said the dog.

"Where did you learn to talk?" said Roger.

"I learn in the big tent," said Spot.

"A circus dog," said Brian. "I bet he's a lost circus dog."

"Oui," said Spot. "In the big tent, in front of the crowd, no one can take their eyes off me. I fly through the air. I jump through the fire. I lure the minion to chase me and he empties the bucket onto the ringmaster. Then I wag the tail and the people laugh. Then I kiss Mademoiselle Princess and, in the poof of smoke, we turn into the King and Queen of the World."

"Maybe there'll be a big reward for his return," said Roger.

"Forsaken dog," said Brian. "Was the one legged man with your circus? Do you remember the name of the circus you were from?"

"Ah. Oui. The circus I am from. She burn down. No survivors."

"A circus burned down?" said Roger. "Did you hear a circus burned down?"

"Ah. Oui. The circus I am from. She die of the plague. No survivors."

"Plague? Are you lying to me?" said Brian. "You can't fool me, evil dog. Tell me where you're from."

"Ah. Oui. The circus I am from. I trade her in for the magic beans."

"I think this interview has left the building," said Roger. "Either he has no idea, or he doesn't want to go back."

"I think he knows," said Brian. "Oh, yes, talking circus dog. We have the summer to make you squeal."

"Remind me what you mean by this word, circus," said Spot.