Police were sent to the school.

"So Brian called Roger immature," said Officer Benjy. "Then Roger said Brian will extort money for a living to leave people alone. Then you noticed a man with a peg leg and this dog as he watched your game. Then Roger stole Brian's flag."

"No, officer," said Brian. "I was about to catch Roger."

"About to," said Roger. "But didn't."

"Then Brian was about to tag Roger out," said Officer Benjy. "Then the man's dog jumped into Brian's arms."

"Then to your complete bafflement the man vanished," said Officer Frankie. "Which was the peg leg?"

"His left leg," said Roger.

"You mean his right leg," said Brian.

"No," said Roger. "The dog was on his left, and that leg had no foot."

"No," said Brian. "It was the leg on the other side from the dog that had no foot."

"What should I write down, Frankie?" said Officer Benjy. "Should we send patrol cars to look for someone who walks around with two peg legs?"

"Do people even have peg legs anymore?" said Officer Frankie. "At the distance these kids saw him, all he could have had was bad posture. We'll cover ourselves and log an a.p.b. for any suspects of a vague pirate quality."

"An a.p.b.?" said Brian. "Those are the initials for what they call a b.o.l.o."

"So anyway, officer," said Roger, "what happens to the dog now?"

"We'll take him back to the precinct with us," said Officer Frankie. "After that, they'll in all likelihood keep him in a shelter to give his owner time to pick him up."

"Can he stay with me?" said Roger. "If you can't find his owner, you'll still have to find him a home, won't you?"

"You want him?" said Brian. "You can have him."

"You're asking for a pretty big responsibility," said Officer Frankie. "Do you think you're old enough to handle it?"

"Mature enough? Roger?" said Brian. "Don't make me laugh. The dog should stay with me."

"You didn't even want him until he was offered to me," said Roger.

"Whose arms did he jump into?" said Brian. "Mine, that's whose."

"Golly, Frankie," said Officer Benjy. "Do you think we should let the kid leave with a dog no one has seen before today?"

"Oh, let him go ahead and take it," said Officer Frankie. "Occasions like these are what rabies shots are for."