Brian was ready to leave, to befuddle with his real beard the wholesome citizenry of Crete, New Jersey, and to salvage what was left of his summer. But instead he was pulled into one tiresome adventure after another. The visit to the North Pole. The discovery of Atlantis. The escape from the Elephant Graveyard. The hunt for jewel thieves in Venice. The escape from the Island of Giant Insects and Sewing Supplies.

Even after their return to Castle Manchego, issues opened and were denied their closure. Items were discovered missing. The queens were missing from all the decks of playing cards. The queens were missing from the chess sets. The queen sized sheets were missing, and the queen beds missing along with them.

"I take the precaution to hoard the queen items of the castle at risk," said Spot. "So when someone notices them missing? I find them."

"Queen?" said Brian.

"How glad I am to be in so high regard the king," said Spot, "I have not so long to wait for someone to find wonder in the absence of a queen."

"Perhaps the time is here to seek for Its Majesty a queen," said Mimbleshaw.

"No more of the fussing, s'il vous plait," said Spot. "Your adoration begins to humiliate me."