Coupon fairies escorted Spot, Brian, and Mimbleshaw to the dungeon workshop.

"Arthur guards that darling baby on the other side of that door, Your Majesty," said Lulu Belle.

"Arthur doesn't sound like a very formidable name," said Brian. "Even by fairy standards. Say, what's a bear doing here?"

"Drastic problems call for drastic solutions," said Mimbleshaw. "Do you know what to do with these?"

"A nutcracker?" said Brian. "And walnuts are high in nutritious oils called omega-3 fatty acids."

"Human, have you no self control?" said Mimbleshaw.

"What?" said Brian. "I thought we were having a last walnut."

"And all you let Arthur do is watch?" said Mimbleshaw.

"Will you watch it with the horse play?" said Brian.

"What's the big idea feeding me the shells?" said Arthur.

"Human gave you the best part of the walnut," said Mimbleshaw. "The joys of life are wasted on you, Arthur."

"Well why doesn't he try the shells himself?" said Arthur.

"Not after they've been in another mouth," said Brian. "That isn't hygienic."

"Well if not the shells," said Spot, "how about the bear claws then?"

"Me eat bear claws?" said Brian.

"Yes," said Arthur. "If the shells are such a delicacy, my claws should taste fine."

"Just clip the claws and eat them," said Spot.

"How fortunate for us this workshop has a vise," said Mimbleshaw. "To hold steady the claws. Razor sharp to shred little boys. Like newspaper damp with spill."

"They are steady," said Spot. "Now how to clip the claws?"

"Perhaps clippers for Arthur wait for us on the other side of this door," said Mimbleshaw.

"You aren't supposed to go in there," said Arthur.

"An egg," said Brian. "All we found in that room was an egg."

"Well, we couldn't leave it in that room a baby," said Lulu Belle. "Then we'd have to bother to raise it and such. I reckon you'll have to ask that spooky old ghost that haunts the mill to turn that egg back to a baby. If he feels like it, that is. He weren't all that friendly when we asked him to turn it into an egg in the first place."