In the meantime, the Mudds returned home. And Brian's guests along with them.

"What?" said Brian. "No. And who said to send the boy first? She who? Send me where? Easter Island?"

"Easter Island is where Amelia Earhart lives," said Mimbleshaw.

"And the bunny is her co-pilot?" said Spot.

"Its Majesty Spot's castle resides on Manchego Island," said Mimbleshaw. "In the Bermuda Triangle."

"How does anyone know to contact you here?" said Brian. "Who said to send me first? Who said I'm even going anywhere?"

"Why, the castle witch, of course," said Mimbleshaw.

"What?" said Brian. "No. And why did your witch say I have to go first? Why does she care who I am?"

"I have no idea why a witch would ask for you first," said Mimbleshaw. "But try to not let her eat you."

"Not let her what?" said Brian.

"Your Majesty, please," said Mimbleshaw. "Send the boy before he asks more tiresome questions."

"Monsieur le Brian into the bag," said Spot.