Brian fell into and, with as much ease, out of Tuffy's clutches. The chance to recover Spot instead enticed Tuffy away from any other concern.

"Let's go, Brian," said his mother whom, with his father, Brian set free.

"Ah ha ha?" said Spot. "Losing the crown to me is the grand honor, no?"

"Spotted dog, into the bag," said Tuffy. So Spot vanished. But Tuffy then learned also absent was his bag.

After a search, Tuffy then found Brian and shut the cage door on both of them.

"Give it to me," said Tuffy.

"Now, Monsieur le Brian," said Spot who dashed into the open and took the crown. "Bake now the potato."

"You mean hot potato," said Brian of the bag he tossed from the cage. "I've been handling this loaf of magma like a fool."

"Monsieur le Brian into the bag," said Spot. "The baking, the cooking, it baffles me however you call it."

"Take it," said Tuffy. "See how you like it, left to indulge in dreams of bliss never made real. See what good it does you when crowns attract the cruelty love holds at bay."